Our Tree Services

The Arbor Master Tree Services offer a wide range of professional arboricultural services.  These include reducing, thinning, re shaping, tree felling, sectional dismantling, site clearance, hedge trimming and management.  Please take a look at our tree services below for clarification of the work you would like to be done. If you require something different from our tree services please still get in touch for our FREE advice.

Crown Clean – This involves the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing and poorly formed or attached branches.

Crown Lift – The removal of lower branches, in order to achieve a clearance above ground level, usually for pedestrian or vehicle access. It is defined in terms of height.

Crown Reduction – This reduces the overall size of the tree but importantly maintains the shape and form.

Crown Thin – The removal of selected branches to increase light penetration and the movement of air through the crown of the tree. It leaves the overall shape of the tree unchanged and is defined in terms of a percentage.

Fell – From the old English ‘fellan’, to strike down by blow or cut.

Ivy Band – The removal of a band of ivy from around the circumference of the trunk.

Pollard – Traditionally, trees were pollarded to obtain firewood, withies or a late crop of fodder, at ‘poll’ or head height i.e. above the reach of grazing animals. Many of our veteran trees are pollards.

Still unsure of what needs doing, or do you have something not listed here?  Please contact us today and fire away your questions.


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