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Garden Services – Launched!

The Arbor Master Tree Services have now successfully launched their garden services department.  Using qualified, knowledgeable and friendly staff you can be assured The Arbor Master Tree Services can deliver an excellent and affordable range of garden services.  These include lawn care, mowing, weeding, tidying, strimming, pruning and full garden clearances, either as a one off or as a regular maintenance schedule.

For more information please click here or contact us directly.

Happy gardening.

Easter Egg Hunt View

Hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter weekend.

A customer recently wanted their Cherry tree reduced.  It had become too big for the garden and was blocking light to their summer house and landscaped garden.  I knew they’d had an Easter Egg hunt over the weekend, so thought I would double check there were none left in the tree.  Only thing I could find was a cracking Easter egg hunt view of the Moray firth!

Happy Easter all

View from top of cherry tree during Easter Egg Hunt View

Trees Blocking Light

Trees Blocking Light

Although the picture is an extreme case of trees blocking light to a property, it can be an everyday problem for some households.  The sun is shining and people are out enjoying the weather in their gardens.  But with sun and warmth comes leaf bloom.  It is often this time of year where people notice trees blocking light into their homes and garden.

Do you have this problem? If so contact us here at The Arbor Master Tree Services and we can provide FREE advice and/or quotes.